Kilcullen Community Action - Redevelopment of Kilcullen Square Proposal

Michelle Wall
11 days agoJuly 13, 2017
Great Idea Folks...Keep up the good work!
Lesley Kelly
11 days agoJuly 14, 2017
Great initiative well done.
Dorly O'Sullivan
9 days agoJuly 16, 2017
Looking forward to seeing it all happen! Well done!
Jim Kelly
8 days agoJuly 16, 2017
This is brilliant and about time the space was properly utilised. Theres plenty of parking around the town. We need a space to allow entertaining and performing where the whole town can have a front row seat. That brings a community togetherwithout having to kick a ball and encourages the youth to become involved more in music and the arts. This project is such a great idea. Well done to those involved, K.C.A.
Jacqueline Lambe
7 days agoJuly 17, 2017
As a resident of Riverside Manor at the back of Market Square I Can only applaud this wonderful initative. I have no doubt it will be embraced by all. Avoiding car congestion in such a beautiful area of our town would open the square up as a central point for future gatherings, festivals, concerts and a stage to showcase the wonderful talents of this town as was recently demonstrated with the local gospel choir concert. Well done to all involved.
7 days agoJuly 17, 2017
The successful concert held in the square last Sat night shows the potential to have it  as an aminity for the community and not a carpark that it is at present.  A well worth project to undertake.
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